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Nutrition Testing with Morphogenetic Field Technique



What is the M-Field

•The Morphogenic Field (M-Field) is the extension of your nervous system.

•Bodies are pure energy at the core and our bodies know exactly what we need to be healthy.

•The field allows us to adapt to the environment we are in.

•That sensation you get when someone is staring at you or a “feeling” when someone walks by, that is the M-Field!​​

•The M-Field is full of information. 

•A balanced M-Field will result in a happy, healthy, and energetic life. 

•An imbalanced in your M-Field will result in lack of energy and health issues

What is MFT

  • MFT is a technique used to help your body tell a story through Muscle Response Testing (Applied Kinesiology).

  • This story will allow you to begin to unravel where you need to start healing through natural supplements or dietary changes. 

  • The Goal is to get a balanced M-Field so you can enjoy a healthy and energy filled life, naturally. 


What causes an imbalance in the M-Field

  • Hidden food allergies, sensitivities or a poor diet will cause many challenges in your journey to good health.  The simplest adjustment you can make is to begin to change your eating habits.  Through MFT we can help you determine which foods your body is energetically drawn to and which foods it does not want. Then you can make accurate changes that are specific to your body and not what society is telling you do to.  

  • Environmental Factors - heavy chemical toxicities, heavy metal toxicity, scar interference, immune challenges, and auto immune disturbances will all contribute to health challenges.  MFT will identify these challenges.  Once we discover the challenges and where it is affecting your body, we test to see what nutrients you are lacking due to this toxin overload.  Using diet changes and natural supplements your body can begin the repair process and work towards a balanced M-Field.  

How Do I Get Started!?

  • It's EASY 1-2-3

    • Fill out the form 

    • Choose a time and Appointment type - through BOOK IT

    • I will contact you to confirm your appointment

  • I'm currently seeing clients in evenings - Monday - Thrusday 5pm - 8pm.  Weekend appointments available on request. 


  • Choose from the following appointments:

    • Initial 30 minute consult - FREE

      • Learn more about the process and what to expect

    • Initial Testing Consultation - $85.00 (45 Minutes)

    • Follow up testing appointments - $35.00

    • Buy a package of 8 visits for $290 (includes initial consult)​​​

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