Welcome to the 

Congratulations on being curious about this program!

I'm hoping this page will provide you enough information to take the leap to learning NEW healthy eating habits and transforming your body over the next 8 weeks!!

I've been running this program for over 6 years - WHY!?  Because IT works - it REALLY works. 


Agape Wellness Coaching will provide you a GREAT experience that will incorporate nutrition, exercise and habit changing techniques to live your BEST life!

Success extends well after the program is complete because clients: 

Learn new and healthy eating habits that will LAST

Learn what foods their body wants

Learn how foods affect their bodies

Learn how to incorporate exercise and ENJOY it

Build friendships that build accountability during and after the program


Clients have lost between 15-20 pounds during these 8 weeks*

If you are ready to transform your body and your habits - join us TODAY and get ready for some life changing information!

These 8 weeks will include:

  • A done for your program with LOTS of flexibility and real food

  • Weekly group ONLINE wellness coaching sessions to establish new habits that will last well beyond the program

  • At-Home-Workouts that you can do when you can't get to the gym

  • Online Gym Membership Option (additional cost) 

  • Accountability 

  • LOTS of SUPPORT to ensure your success



What you need to do to get started......

  • Be READY to transform YOUR health and life

  • Be READY to commit to YOU 

  • Be READY to make YOURSELF a priority


  • You will commit to the success of the program

  • Attend the KICKOFF meeting on April 17th ONLINE

  • You will workout at least 3 days a week-at gym or home or join us ONLINE (additional cost)

  • Post on Facebook daily for accountability

    • What you ate​

    • Did you workout

    • How are you feeling

  • Joining us weekly for the wellness coaching sessions

    • Tuesdays at 8pm

  • Weigh in ONLY once a week and share your success!​

  • Take BEFORE pictures and measurements

    • This is important - not everyone loses pounds - some (like me) lose inches and transforms their body shape - DON'T SKIP THIS STEP!!! ​

What YOU Can Expect...

  • An easy to follow program with LOTS of options for food

  • Accountability to ensure your success

  • Weekly online wellness coaching that will provide you NEW techniques to create habits that will last

  • Questions answered daily via Facebook or weekly at our meetings

  • At Home Workouts for those days you just can't get to the gym


  • Membership to the Game Changer for LIFE - you are welcome to join us each time we run it in the future!

    • Facebook Access ONLY - Wellness Coaching session will be $150.00 for the 8 weeks for PAST participants 

So I'll as you AGAIN


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